Thursday, July 13, 2017

A dogs life with an e-collar

If properly introduced to an e-collar, your dog will eagerly sit, look at you and wag it's tail allowing you to put the collar on.  The collar should mean more adventures await.   

Whether you have a companion or a hunting dog, you will offer your dog more freedom, exercise. and increase the safety of your dog with an e-collar.  Many times the remote training collar is used as an attention-getter to capture the dogs focus back to you.  In dangerous situations such as encountering porcupines, snakes, and deer chasing, you will be able to stop your dog. With repeated simulated encounters you can teach your dog to avoid the situation as it will learn to avoid that scent. 

So how do you introduce the e-collar to your dog?  It is recommended that the dog wear the collar all day long at first, so it becomes routine.  Later you might only put the collar on when you are going outside.  Your dog does not become a mind reader just because you have some control over the dog. You introduce it gradually, start your training using basic commands he already knows or a check cord so you can direct the dog in the proper direction.  

You have to learn to think like a dog.  How will he interpret the static shock with his behavior? Timing and repetition are very important.  It is also very important to work on one thing at a time and introduce the collar in non distracting situations.  To increase your confidence in the dogs understanding of the correct response, gradually work with increased distractions such as other dogs or work in an open field.  Do not turn his world upside down, training sessions should be short then followed with play time.  If you confuse your dog or make him anxious, take a step back and change the activity.  Build your dogs confidence again if needed letting him know he is doing okay.        

As you teach your dog better manners and a consistent recall, you will enjoy your time together more. Your dog will be proud of himself.  Remember dogs in general want to please.      

We believe e-collars are wonderful training tools and allow you to have an invisible leash on your dog.  With the options of using tone and vibration to guide your dog in the right direction, training is gentle.  So let him run but not run away.  A happy dog and well exercised dog is a good dog!  

Ask Collar Clinic which collar is right for you and your dog.   We have helped over a hundred thousand dog owners reach their goal of a having well trained four legged companion.  

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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Power of the Pager in Electronic Dog Training

The "pager" has officially become a standard option in remote dog training collars and a feature on several no bark trainers too.  

Garmin recently came on board with with the Delta Series, Sport PRO, PRO 550 and Alpha 100/TT15. Dogtra has offered the pager/vibration training option from day one.  D.T. Systems, SportDOG, E-collar Technologies and DogWatch all have offered vibration on most of their models for some time now.   

The vibration feature has given way to new methods in dog training. It can be used like low level avoidance training.  It is also a good conditioning mode, so you can use it as a reminder once the dog has been trained.  Many pet owners feel more comfortable using an electronic collar with the vibration option. You just cannot over stimulate your dog with the pager/vibration.  It is useful option too when you cannot see your dog, he has run off and is out of sight, you don't want to use stimulation when you cannot see what your dog is doing.
Not all pager/vibrations are created equal. E-collar Technologies has varied the vibration the most with the "tapping sensation" in which the vibration is interrupted; buzz, buzz, buzz instead of a steady buzz. Dogtra has a strong steady vibration buzz sure to be noticed by the dog. D.T. Systems models with "Vibration Assist" offer a milder version.   

DogWatch and E-collar Technologies have adjustable vibration only collars.  Since these remotes only offer vibration there are no contact points.  This makes the collar suitable for the small breeds as small as 6 lbs.  The V-10 and Page Only models are new in the last year or so.  You can increase the vibration to make it more noticeable if the dog ignores you at first.  In the past vibration alone was not effective in high distraction situations and needed to be back upped with a stimulation.  Now that you can make the vibration stronger, it works for most companion dogs.  These have a bonus safety feature, the collars have remotely operated lights for good visibility in the dark.   

There are nearly 40 different training e-collars with the vibration option. Your cell phone gets your attention with the pager, your dogs collar with vibration will get his attention too!  

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Have a safe and well mannered dog!

E-collar Technologies Page Only

DogWatch V-10
Sport PRO

E-collar Technologies ET-300
Dogtra 280C

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spot Light on Two New Dog e-Trainers

Distractions, prey drive, moving objects or other dogs may get your dog into trouble.  

If your dog is off leash and wearing a remote trainer, you have options in getting his attention or out and out stopping an unwanted behavior. Even if your dog is on a leash you might need the power of the collar to control the situation.  

Always use the least amount of stimulation when training your dog. Set the level to the lowest effective level and teach your dog the proper response to your instructions. However, the situation can change quickly and being able to instantly increase the stimulation to an effective level for that behavior is as important as is the timing.  

Two of the newest dog e-collars on the market offer instant selection of intensity level with just the push of a button.  There is no need to change a dial when you can have instant controlled step ups with the push of a button all while keeping your eyes on the dog.  

With the New Dogtra Edge RT you get six intensity settings immediately with 4 buttons.  Low, Medium and High in either "Nick"  or "Constant" are achieved by the bottom button, top button and both buttons together.  The RT model also has a separate button for the non-stimulating pager vibration and is expandable to 3 collars.  

With the New EZ or Pro Educator collars from E-collar Technologies you have an option to set the levels for different circumstances with a computer application to program the buttons and booster levels.  These settings can also be set manually on the remote hand held transmitter. The Educator also has an immediate override function should the chosen settings still not be enough.  A remote tracking light is a great safety feature too for outings in the dark.  Tone and vibration options can be set to automatically administer stimulation sensation after 2 seconds should the dog choose not to comply.

It is amazing how collars have changed in the past 27 years.  These new e-collars are just a couple examples of how easy and versatile remote training can be.  Your dog's safety and well being are the reasons for the e-collar.   

Our job at Collar Clinic is to provide you with all your options and information to compare the different dog training models and equipment with your needs.  We keep all of the best e-collars in stock and offer trade credit for your old collars.  

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lots of changes in the e-collar world for 2014!

We have seen a tremendous amount of change in the electronic dog training products this year and the changes just keep on coming.

The biggest change for our customers and most of the professional dog training world was the discontinuation of the Tri-Tronics G3 EXP series.  This past May, Garmin introduced the new PRO Series with 3 models replacing the 8 Tri-Tronics Field and Pro G3 models.   We were happy to see the tried and true transmitter configuration remained the same for easy no look operation.

Collar Clinic stocked up on G3 collar replacements if you should need to keep your system going.  We also have replacement G3 batteries.  You also have the option of trading in your old collars towards the new PRO Series.   

Dogtra has been advertising the new functionally sleek collar.  This was seen in Pointing Dog Journal but we do not have any specifics yet.  It looks like the transmitter design has not changed but the collar sure does look sleek.  ARC=Advanced Receiver Concept.  

SportDOG is advertising their new GPS TEK 2.0 with topo maps.  We are expecting this to be available in September 2014.  This model has been approved for use in all of North America.  We know our Canadian customers are looking forward to this.  The new TEK 2.0 will be available with a locate and train collar or just tracking.    

E-collar Technologies is introducing their new Easy Educator and Pro Educator this September.  K-9 handlers have testing the Pro Educator and we are excited for this addition to their line.

D.T. Systems has a newer grip design in the R.A.P.T. 1400 which offers a programmable button for Rapid Access training or correction.

Many of these new systems have floating transmitters and are expandable for adding collars.  

Keep your eyes on your dog and keep in touch with Collar Clinic for the latest information and options in electronic training systems.   800-430-2010 or

Friday, March 28, 2014

Many Happy Dogs Wear E-Collars!

We know from listening to our customers that they really care about their dogs.  Collar Clinic takes the time to answer questions about e-collars for the novice pet owner to the professional dog trainer or working dog handler.  So many dogs are happier wearing an e-collar because they gain freedom and understanding.  

The connection between the dog and dog handler is enhanced.  There is an understanding that is simpler to convey with the dog both in teaching and/or behavior modification.  Dogs don't get lost, hit by cars, owners don't get tickets and other dog ownership possibilities because they invested in a remote training collar, bark collar or containment system.  

Spring has sprung so dogs with cabin fever are getting out scenting wild things and loosing their hearing.  Off they run to investigate or maybe they just start barking like crazy.  We see an uptick in caring dog owners contacting us for help with these issues this time of year.  It really is amazing all the features that are packed into the new e-collars.  Check out our 2014 catalog.

Many happy dog owners use e-collars.  These photos are just a few from our recent Photo Contest on Facebook.  

Keep some happy in your life with your dog.  An e-collar may be the solution you have not considered or you may have an old electronic collar that needs updating.  Count on Collar Clinic for your best options.  We are your e-collar specialists since 1988.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

What's on your dogs neck?

One collar, Two collars, Three collars ... More?  It is no longer necessary to load your dogs neck up with hunting, tracking and/or training collars.     

Sporting and working dogs wear many collars but technology is allowing the features to be combined and your dogs neck is freed up from cumbersome multiple collars.  Even the dog owner need not carry extra remotes to handle multiple dogs or collar functions.  

Garmin's new Delta Upland is the first 3 in one collar for pointing dogs featuring a remote training collar, locating beeper collar and a bark collar.  MSRP is $349.00.  When you consider beepers run $100.00, Bark collars run $80.00 the expandable remote is only $169.00!  You also get the option to get your dogs attention with a tone or a vibration!  Available Soon!

Trade in you old collars towards a new smaller system with combined features. or 800-430-2010

More options in new products will be featured soon.  Stay tuned.