Friday, April 22, 2016

The Power of the Pager in Electronic Dog Training

The "pager" has officially become a standard option in remote dog training collars and a feature on several no bark trainers too.  

Garmin recently came on board with with the Delta Series, Sport PRO, PRO 550 and Alpha 100/TT15. Dogtra has offered the pager/vibration training option from day one.  D.T. Systems, SportDOG, E-collar Technologies and DogWatch all have offered vibration on most of their models for some time now.   

The vibration feature has given way to new methods in dog training. It can be used like low level avoidance training.  It is also a good conditioning mode, so you can use it as a reminder once the dog has been trained.  Many pet owners feel more comfortable using an electronic collar with the vibration option. You just cannot over stimulate your dog with the pager/vibration.  It is useful option too when you cannot see your dog, he has run off and is out of sight, you don't want to use stimulation when you cannot see what your dog is doing.
Not all pager/vibrations are created equal. E-collar Technologies has varied the vibration the most with the "tapping sensation" in which the vibration is interrupted; buzz, buzz, buzz instead of a steady buzz. Dogtra has a strong steady vibration buzz sure to be noticed by the dog. D.T. Systems models with "Vibration Assist" offer a milder version.   

DogWatch and E-collar Technologies have adjustable vibration only collars.  Since these remotes only offer vibration there are no contact points.  This makes the collar suitable for the small breeds as small as 6 lbs.  The V-10 and Page Only models are new in the last year or so.  You can increase the vibration to make it more noticeable if the dog ignores you at first.  In the past vibration alone was not effective in high distraction situations and needed to be back upped with a stimulation.  Now that you can make the vibration stronger, it works for most companion dogs.  These have a bonus safety feature, the collars have remotely operated lights for good visibility in the dark.   

There are nearly 40 different training e-collars with the vibration option. Your cell phone gets your attention with the pager, your dogs collar with vibration will get his attention too!  

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E-collar Technologies Page Only

DogWatch V-10
Sport PRO

E-collar Technologies ET-300
Dogtra 280C

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