Monday, June 29, 2015

Spot Light on Two New Dog e-Trainers

Distractions, prey drive, moving objects or other dogs may get your dog into trouble.  

If your dog is off leash and wearing a remote trainer, you have options in getting his attention or out and out stopping an unwanted behavior. Even if your dog is on a leash you might need the power of the collar to control the situation.  

Always use the least amount of stimulation when training your dog. Set the level to the lowest effective level and teach your dog the proper response to your instructions. However, the situation can change quickly and being able to instantly increase the stimulation to an effective level for that behavior is as important as is the timing.  

Two of the newest dog e-collars on the market offer instant selection of intensity level with just the push of a button.  There is no need to change a dial when you can have instant controlled step ups with the push of a button all while keeping your eyes on the dog.  

With the New Dogtra Edge RT you get six intensity settings immediately with 4 buttons.  Low, Medium and High in either "Nick"  or "Constant" are achieved by the bottom button, top button and both buttons together.  The RT model also has a separate button for the non-stimulating pager vibration and is expandable to 3 collars.  

With the New EZ or Pro Educator collars from E-collar Technologies you have an option to set the levels for different circumstances with a computer application to program the buttons and booster levels.  These settings can also be set manually on the remote hand held transmitter. The Educator also has an immediate override function should the chosen settings still not be enough.  A remote tracking light is a great safety feature too for outings in the dark.  Tone and vibration options can be set to automatically administer stimulation sensation after 2 seconds should the dog choose not to comply.

It is amazing how collars have changed in the past 27 years.  These new e-collars are just a couple examples of how easy and versatile remote training can be.  Your dog's safety and well being are the reasons for the e-collar.   

Our job at Collar Clinic is to provide you with all your options and information to compare the different dog training models and equipment with your needs.  We keep all of the best e-collars in stock and offer trade credit for your old collars.  

Call us at 800-430-2010 M-F 8:30-5:00 ET or email to discuss your dog collar needs.  


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