Friday, March 28, 2014

Many Happy Dogs Wear E-Collars!

We know from listening to our customers that they really care about their dogs.  Collar Clinic takes the time to answer questions about e-collars for the novice pet owner to the professional dog trainer or working dog handler.  So many dogs are happier wearing an e-collar because they gain freedom and understanding.  

The connection between the dog and dog handler is enhanced.  There is an understanding that is simpler to convey with the dog both in teaching and/or behavior modification.  Dogs don't get lost, hit by cars, owners don't get tickets and other dog ownership possibilities because they invested in a remote training collar, bark collar or containment system.  

Spring has sprung so dogs with cabin fever are getting out scenting wild things and loosing their hearing.  Off they run to investigate or maybe they just start barking like crazy.  We see an uptick in caring dog owners contacting us for help with these issues this time of year.  It really is amazing all the features that are packed into the new e-collars.  Check out our 2014 catalog.

Many happy dog owners use e-collars.  These photos are just a few from our recent Photo Contest on Facebook.  

Keep some happy in your life with your dog.  An e-collar may be the solution you have not considered or you may have an old electronic collar that needs updating.  Count on Collar Clinic for your best options.  We are your e-collar specialists since 1988.  

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