Friday, August 2, 2013

What's on your dogs neck?

One collar, Two collars, Three collars ... More?  It is no longer necessary to load your dogs neck up with hunting, tracking and/or training collars.     

Sporting and working dogs wear many collars but technology is allowing the features to be combined and your dogs neck is freed up from cumbersome multiple collars.  Even the dog owner need not carry extra remotes to handle multiple dogs or collar functions.  

Garmin's new Delta Upland is the first 3 in one collar for pointing dogs featuring a remote training collar, locating beeper collar and a bark collar.  MSRP is $349.00.  When you consider beepers run $100.00, Bark collars run $80.00 the expandable remote is only $169.00!  You also get the option to get your dogs attention with a tone or a vibration!  Available Soon!

Trade in you old collars towards a new smaller system with combined features. or 800-430-2010

More options in new products will be featured soon.  Stay tuned.  

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