Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best e-Collars for Soft Dogs and Best e-collars for Determined Dogs

We always try to put the right e-collar in our customers hands. 

E-collar training needs vary by the dog's sensitivity, training environment, the dog's natural instincts and the comfort zone of the dog handler.  It is not always a selection by brand; new is not always better than reconditioned.  Collar Clinic representatives have worked with dog training collars at least 11 years, some nearly 20 years.  We will listen to your needs and guide you to the right e-collar. 

Soft dogs don't need high intensity and may do better with a non-stimulating option such as a vibration.  Determined dogs with a high prey drive will need the higher intensity options.   

What's best for you and your dog?  Dog size, dog age, dog breed, dog behavior issues are all taken into consideration as well as the handler's preference in transmitter options. 

Customer satisfaction regarding features, consistency and reliability put Dogtra and Tri-Tronics collars at the top of the list; e-collars start at $169.00.  Collar Clinic will discuss all the differences and options so you get the best e-collar for your needs.   We are also an authorized repair facility so you know you can maintain your investment.  Buy with confidence-30 day money back guarantee.  View our online Best Sellers

E-collars are tools for communicating with your dog and keeping him or her safe.  The Collar Clinic Team. 


  1. The training message from the dog’s receiver collar can get your dog’s attention or distract him from an unwanted behavior. By obeying your obedience command or by stopping the undesired behavior, your dog quickly learns to avoid and/or stop tone or sensation which is delivered by the receiver collar. for more info visit http://www.remotetrainers.com.au/

  2. Well, if we take the dog breed as the criteria, then the answer is no. Your dog breed does not matter. An invisible dog fence will work if your dog belongs to small breeds such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas as well as on large breeds such as Pit Bulls, Boxers, Rottweilers and so on. But if we focus only on the dog`s temper then some issues arise. It would be wise not to use an invisible dog fence if your dog is more of a agressive/fierce/ type. Also, not mean to be used on young dogs (less then 6 months old) and on pregnant dogs (at least until the pregnancy is over). And a little note for all of those who are thinking their dog is too old for this – unless he is having health issues, dogs can master new gimmicks anytime of the day.

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  4. E-collar training can provide the individual dog owner with many successes that otherwise would be impossible to accomplish with standard or inferior training practices. The implementation of an e-collar in your training can offer dramatic results, especially when it is tailored for a specific training need. These are often training situations where the end result can save a dog's life. Explore more such stuff on Dog Training Collars.