Thursday, January 28, 2010

Connecting with Your Dog by Vibration-New SUREstim

"SureStim " an interesting name for an new e-collar! SUREstim is short for Sure Stimulation. This name demonstrates how far remote trainers have come in 40 years. It is not about shocking the dog! It is about stimulating good behavior which sometimes means stopping unwanted behavior. Remote training collars are a training tool; they are not a short cut to dog training however your dog will learn quicker and be safer while off leash.

Dogtra's new "SureStim" offers the the dog handler confirmation that a signal was sent to the dog's collar. The transmitter can be set to vibrate when you use any of the transmitter buttons. This assures you, the handler, that a signal is being sent to the dog's collar. You feel it right through your finger. This feedback aids in the timing of the correction and confirms the button was properly depressed even while wearing gloves.

You don't have to stimulate (shock) your dog with the Dogtra SUREstim models either, there is a pager button on the transmitter which when selected produces a non-stimulating vibration at the collar for the dog to feel. Just another option in stimulating the good behavior you are trying to achieve.

Here at Collar Clinic we have used the word "stimulation" for over 20 years. It has never been about shocking your dog. The static impulse produced by a remote trainer is for correction and discouraging unwanted behavior.

Discourage certain behavior while your dog is in the act, with SUREstim you'll get the connection!

Dogtra SUREstim 7000M is for mild mannered dogs with low to medium power.

Dogtra SUREstim 7100H is for more determined dogs with low to high power.

You get a completely waterproof system with reliable 1/2 mile range and a 2 yr. mfg. warranty. SUREstim is also available in a two dog model.

As always, Collar Clinic offers a 30 day money back guarantee. 800-430-2010

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