Friday, September 18, 2009

Hunt better together with an electronic collar, beeper or GPS

Bird dogs are birdie. They will give you a good point naturally but will they hold the point? Will your dog get bored looking for birds and check out a deer, or a porcupine instead? Is the cover so thick you cannot see your dog? You don't want the flush if you are not in shooting range. Reliable products from Tri-Tronics, Dogtra, Unleashed Technology, Lovetts and Garmin improve the hunting experience. Check range, prevent the unwanted chase or bad encounter with wildlife using a remote trainer. Track your dog with a beeper or GPS. Enjoy the hunt don't hunt for your dog. Remote Trainers offered new and reconditioned at Collar Clinic. Also 3 day repair service for most Tri-Tronics collars call 800-430-2010. Garmin Astro is the hottest item now for keeping up with your dog. Users say hunting has never been so good. Lovetts Low Tone Beeper is a long time favorite stand alone beeper just $89.00. It's worth the point.

Rabbit season is just around the corner, the new TriTronics Sport Junior collar is smaller than other e-collars with a built in safety light that can be turned on and off from the transmitter. Add a Junior e-collar to your Tri-Tronics Trashbreaker or Classic 70 G2 or G3 for $89.00. The range is from the transmitter so these new lightweight e-collars work well for beagles.

Good Hunting to All.

Collar Clinic is located in Traverse City, Michigan. Michigan DNR Online Harvest Reporting Michigan is a great hunting destination.

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