Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Ten Best Selling Dog Training Collars

If you google "e-collars" or "electronic dog training collars" the list of sites offering these types of products is amazing. This wasn't so just a few years ago. Yes, e-collars have been accepted as a humane way of dog training. Collar Clinic has specialized in electronic training collars for over 20 years. We have been educating our customers in the proper use and care of our products all along. We are often asked which collar is best because of the array of models we carry, our refurbished trainers and our e-collar repair service. During the spring and summer months, we have more contact with first time e-collar buyers. Barking problems and running off become big issues when the weather gets nicer. Here is our list of the Top Ten Best Sellers.

A key element in successfully training your dog to specific commands is repetition. Does your dog always "sit" when told? Does your dog "heel"? Life with your dog is much safer and happier when you can rely on your dog obeying these and other basic commands no matter what the distraction is. E-collars are just a training tool but they do have to be reliable. If you are considering a purchase and investment in your dog's safety, review the list of best sellers and talk to a professional 800-430-2010.

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  1. Always start with the lowest intensity level and work your way up as needed. You will know you have found the proper stimulation level when your dog responds to the stimulation with only a mild twitch or perk of the ears or like you have given him a quick tug on a leash. for more info visit