Thursday, July 13, 2017

A dogs life with an e-collar

If properly introduced to an e-collar, your dog will eagerly sit, look at you and wag it's tail allowing you to put the collar on.  The collar should mean more adventures await.   

Whether you have a companion or a hunting dog, you will offer your dog more freedom, exercise. and increase the safety of your dog with an e-collar.  Many times the remote training collar is used as an attention-getter to capture the dogs focus back to you.  In dangerous situations such as encountering porcupines, snakes, and deer chasing, you will be able to stop your dog. With repeated simulated encounters you can teach your dog to avoid the situation as it will learn to avoid that scent. 

So how do you introduce the e-collar to your dog?  It is recommended that the dog wear the collar all day long at first, so it becomes routine.  Later you might only put the collar on when you are going outside.  Your dog does not become a mind reader just because you have some control over the dog. You introduce it gradually, start your training using basic commands he already knows or a check cord so you can direct the dog in the proper direction.  

You have to learn to think like a dog.  How will he interpret the static shock with his behavior? Timing and repetition are very important.  It is also very important to work on one thing at a time and introduce the collar in non distracting situations.  To increase your confidence in the dogs understanding of the correct response, gradually work with increased distractions such as other dogs or work in an open field.  Do not turn his world upside down, training sessions should be short then followed with play time.  If you confuse your dog or make him anxious, take a step back and change the activity.  Build your dogs confidence again if needed letting him know he is doing okay.        

As you teach your dog better manners and a consistent recall, you will enjoy your time together more. Your dog will be proud of himself.  Remember dogs in general want to please.      

We believe e-collars are wonderful training tools and allow you to have an invisible leash on your dog.  With the options of using tone and vibration to guide your dog in the right direction, training is gentle.  So let him run but not run away.  A happy dog and well exercised dog is a good dog!  

Ask Collar Clinic which collar is right for you and your dog.   We have helped over a hundred thousand dog owners reach their goal of a having well trained four legged companion.  

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